As always vet Andrew Havadjia from Nowra Veterinary Hospital provided some great information along with a bit of amusement. Below are this member’s take-outs (not verified for accuracy by the vet).

  • Did you know a fertile bull is likely to impregnate on average 60% of the herd in one cycle? Assuming of course you haven’t given him too many girls (50 is probably sufficient for an experienced bull).
  • Each subsequent cycle he should impregnate on average 60% of those remaining¬† – ie. it is a diminshing scale.
  • Artificial insemination and embrio transfer have a similar strike rate – but require more work and more than 1 straw/embrio per recipient (given not all will take first go)
  • Size does matter (scrotal, that is)
  • Females of bulls with a large scrotal size have earlier puberty and return to cycle quicker after calving.
  • Pregnancy testing is best done by someone with a lot of experience. Accredited vets have to preg test over 2000 females before gaining accreditation!
  • Pesti virus and vibrio ARE prevalent and worth prevention

We’d love to know your to tips for maximising calving.