Resources available for loan by members include:

Technical expertise

Have you got a technical issue which needs a solution? Then ask the question!

If you have an issue needing an answer then share it.  Call Rob Stafford on 0467 767 375 or email, he’ll help you find the right person to get the information you need.

RFID Tag Reader

Members may borrow the electronic tag reader to assist in their herd recording by:

  • Accurately identifying all your existing stock
  • Matching calves to mothers (if all tagged) and
  • Maintain electronic herd records
  • Audit your NLIS database for better biosecurity and stock control
  • Bluetooth connection to use with other devices (eg scales).

Further information on the use of this equipment is available on the Gallagher website.

To book the scanner call Rob Stafford on 0467 767 375. A security deposit of $100 is required on collection to be refunded when the scanner is returned in good working order.

Electronic Cattle Scales

Members are also able to borrow a set of Gallagher electronic cattle scales.

Regular use of scales enables better informed management and marketing decisions to be made by removing the guesswork on critical liveweights. By weighing calves at regular intervals also enable valuable comparisons to be made on the better performing cattle facilitating better breeding and culling decisions to improve productivity and profitability.

Note that it is important to have a solid, flat base in your crush for the load bars. A concrete pad is best.

For further information on the scales see the Gallagher website. Note that the scales available are V5.



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