Who we are

South Coast Beef Producers Association Inc. (SCBPA) is a group of beef producers working towards a productive, sustainable and profitable beef industry in the South Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW through best practice that meets financial, environmental and social expectations.


A local sustainable and productive beef industry.


The objectives of SCBPA are to:

  1. Create a viable representative Association that delivers real benefits for its members across social, environmental and financial accountabilities.
  2. Develop a viable and sustainable beef production program to produce consistent, quality cattle/beef for the relevant markets.
  3. Develop a viable and sustainable beef marketing program for members across the region.
  4. Provide a comprehensive capacity building program for members.
  5. Establish and maintain a network with industry and government agencies, including Meat and Livestock Australia, NSW Farmers, government representatives and other industry groups throughout the supply/value chain.
  6. Represent members of the South Coast Beef Producers Association.
  7. Create a viable structure for the benefit of its members, develop synergies with other primary producers groups in the region and secure appropriate funding to deliver objectives.
The SCBPA will focus on five key areas:

1. The market Identify market opportunities and specifications for members to target with the potential to improve their profitability and viability
2. The product Identify and develop a range of cattle/beef products that meet a range of market specifications
3. Production systems Develop ethical and sustainable production systems using best practice that are suitable for the local environment and adaptive to changing conditions
4. Capacity building Build member knowledge and expertise to provide opportunities for growth and development
5. The group Build a strong professional Association to represent members through networking and delivering real benefits to members


Our Code of Conduct

Our members support the highest level of animal welfare.  We care about our cattle and it is up to us to ensure those who care for our animals are also complying with the highest standards.

An extensive Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals is available from the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle (2016). It covers a range of topics including castration, identification, dehorning, weaning, agistment and even cattle handling facilities. A brief list of issues to consider when transporting cattle can be found on the MLA website.

Become A Member

There are significant benefits that can be gained from membership of the SCBPA